BitREIT Lending

Investors can receive daily interest in USD, making the interest stable with a maximum interest of 42%/month and a minimum interest of 30%/month.

Anyone can invest their BitREIT Tokens in the BitREIT Lending Platform exclusively from the BitREIT.IO website.

Investors will receive daily profit based on the amount of Tokens they lend to the BitREIT Lending Platform. Upon investment term completion, investors will receive Capital Back to take out from the BitREIT Lending Wallets or optionally reinvest back in the lending platform to continue receiving daily profit.

In order to participate in  BitREIT Lending, investors need to purchase BitREIT Tokens.

The principal investment can be withdrawn after 120 days. This policy contributes to putting the supply of BitREIT Tokens under control and providing investors the highest return on investments in the shortest period of time.


Investment Daily interest Bonus
100-9,990 1% 0%
10,000-24,990 1% 0.2%
25,000-49,990 1% 0.3%
50,000-100,000 1% 0.4 %